Multi-currency accounts

Multi currency accounts are round the corner since Euro accounts are needed for the EU rollout. Just wait and see.

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Maybe they will be on the way but the ISA would be ringfenced from it similar to some stocks are which is what @Dave was saying.

I do think @WolfofWS is correct though as the average FT member probably joined for a free share after hearing some social media type and doesn’t invest enough to be hit by taxes. Or they haven’t thought long term when they might regret not having put it in an ISA.


They don’t share much info except their usual “soon”. They are the “soon” team.

If LightYear take off then FT won’t have much of a choice but I am persuaded they will not do this voluntarily as it will cost to give away all this FX money on every trade: in/out, in/out, etc. :money_mouth_face:

Please stop your F.U.D.

I work in different currencies with many other items. e.g expenses,travel,suppliers billing in gbp+eur, and my own invoices are in eur and gbp: Tax returns are not a problem

Many compromises were suggested in other multi currency threads that let them make keep the fees. Afterall, ee want FT to report good revenue and earnings :wink:

Not everything you disagree with is FUD, please stop turning a difference of option into a boring meme.

I am not wrong when I said that working out your tax in a foreign currency would be tricky. Not impossible but tricky


I thought you were presenting an argue that a multi currency account would make people’s lives too difficult to use for their tax returns, thus dissuading them from supporting the introduction. I am glad that I was wrong.

FUD is not a meme. It’s a set of initials or perhaps an acronym.

What? This covers everything!

Eating is Meme. It expresses the cultural practice of eating together.
A party is a meme. It expresses the cultural practice of a social event.

“Tonight we shall have meme and then later go onto a meme in the evening.”
/me Bashes her head on table

#4 . actually a copied quiz or survey is usually called plagiarism, and not a meme regardless of who subsequently completes the survey. ( also used in market research and still called a survey last time I checked) :slight_smile:

Here is correct definition from Cambridge Dictionary in this context:

an idea, image, video, etc. that is spread very quickly on the internet.

…until they start losing customers to multi-currency account offering competitors. Oh but wait! Why are those guys our biggest competitors/threats with multi-billion valuations? Would not this be because they made and keep making the right choice(s)?

Offering customers what they want and not “soon” but now and getting rewarded with more customers and higher valuations. What a strange world we live in :laughing:

Of course you would offer those as part of your premium package as they already do. That’s how you keep making more money.

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True, but ouch.

However I’m here coz it’s cheap :slight_smile:

Honestly, the exchange rate fee hit mostly affects my dividend payments.

There is no 0.45% fee on dividend payments.


Sorry you are right. I had a brain rot Sunday!

I meant to write that I cannot control the exchange rate when the dividends were paid out. Which is why I should like a USD pot for dividends.

Apols for my earlier misleading reply.

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Good point, the world of Forex is simply too much for my mind to comprehend!

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