Multiple stock requests by user

New requests in LSE - SPO, BWNG, GSF EGL. ALSO allow ROO on ISA

Please do not make multiple requests in one post. The voting system here helps gauge demand for any given request for the :freetrade: team. Including multiple requests invalidates that. In addition, please search before posting; many of your requests have previously been requested and duplicates don’t help. A search on ROO would also tell you why it can’t currently be held in an ISA and this is outside of Freetrade’s control.

This one is clearly explained when you view the stock via the app, that it isn’t available in ISA’s and SIPP’s until the conditional trading period is over following the IPO. This is because, during the conditional trading period, the IPO can be cancelled and, as a result, all trades cancelled.

The conditional trading period ends today, so it will be available from tomorrow (assuming the IPO isn’t cancelled between now and the end of the day, but there’s no indication of that).