My first 100%'er

Apologies for the very self-congratulatory post but I just have my first 100% increase in a stock price… thank you Zoom!!

:heart_eyes: DROPS MIC :heart_eyes:




Congrats Andy. My first was Snapchat, which got to about 160% before I sold it.

On the flip side, now looking close to my first -100%'r - Aston Martin currently sitting 83% in the red and falling. Thank god I only had a small punt :scream:


My first 100% er on Freetrade is Nvidia

Tech stocks are holding up really well though this Corona Virus thing

I had some zoom but sold it before this all kicked off, as I wasn’t convinced by the valuation. Some you win…


Have you sold? Sometimes not being greedy and taking a win is the hardest part. You can end up back where you started or worse quite quickly. Just speaking from personal experience lol.


+1 here… I usually buy great stocks just to find out I am useless at selling them when I should ! #storyofmylife

I think Zoom is going to continue to grow for a while yet - they seem to be handling the feedback on security quite well and becoming synonymous with video conferencing for a whole new audience since the lockdown.

My first was the first stock I ever bought, AMD, over 10 years ago. Had I held onto that, it’d have been 10x. If only all subsequent stocks had the same success.

My most recent 100% was Shopify, which I bought at $379 at the beginning of April. One of the very few trades I made amidst the carnage.


Greatland gold at 360% wish I put more in. :thinking:


Does Freetrade count? :freetrade: 151% :rocket:


I wish Freetrade did count. My first lot of shares were 15p :smile:


I jumped out of Aston… Although a small punt on them at this low price might be a good thing…

My first 100er was ITM

If it doesnt count can i prove it by buying your entire holding for 100% over what you paid? :laughing:

Definitely counts. Because I’d remortgage the house and pay you for every one of them even at 5x for them at 15p cost. If you died then today theyd be valued at 2.51 or perhaps a bit less for your estate.

My first 100er was Beyond Meat. I picked one share up in March for £49 and now its currently up 127% at just over £110 :exploding_head:
Wish i’d bough more but at the same time didn’t have the nerve to leave it be so thanks to fractional shares i sold half the share and got my initial investment back.


Nice use of fractionals. :clap: without them you would have had to sell none or all. Shows the flexibility to optimise nicely.


Congratulations! Good luck riding it out with Zoom. The prices on it are ridiculous at the moment and I don’t see them lasting super long term. Well done for getting in there early!!

Nicely done! Just recently had mine too with Boohoo!

@Rollingskies Not planning on dying any time soon thanks! I’ll be hanging on to my shares until Freetrade become a Unicorn. Then my 15p shares will be worth a little bit more than 5x :slight_smile:

Yep, these FT shares will be £10+ in 2 years

Here’s hoping - a nice 60x return on my original investment, and even 4x the £2.51 we just bought the last round for.