My first deposit not reflected even after 5 working days

I have opened my Freetrade account on 14th Feb and I transferred £50 to my account. My deposit was not reflected in my account on Monday, So I contacted them through in-app chat. They asked me to wait for 2-3 days. But even after 5 working days my money is in jeopardy

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Hi Prem,

Please note, your money is always safe through this process, but sometimes allocating it takes longer due to mismatching or missing data, such as someone’s name is different on their bank account vs their Freetrade account.

Could you email us at please? The turnaround time is a number of days, which is slower than we wish for, but we will do our best to do this for you as soon as we can.



Hi Doyin,

Thank you very much for your reply.

On 15th Feb, Monday, I sent email to from my email address registered with free trade account. But there was no change in my account balance and no response from your team till date, other than an automated email saying we received your query.

Do you want me to send another email to the same address?

Prem .V

Hi Prem,

You’re welcome!

The turnaround time is a number of days, so someone will be in touch as you have sent us a message :pray:

Hi Doyin,

Thanks for your response.

FYI, I deposited £5 on Thursday 19th Feb. I got that reflected on my account today 20th Feb. But my first payment £50 deposited when opening my account on non-working day is not reflecting yet. Please let me know whom should I contact to and what could be the expected date of receiving that money.

Please help.

Prem .V

Hi Prem,

As mentioned, could you email us at please?

The turnaround time is still a number of days, someone from the team will be in touch as soon as possible.

I have deposited couple of thousands 15 days back , till now my money is not reflecting and no one coming back to updates on where my money is , its frustrating to see daily that i am still wating. in this market conditions every one expects the money in there accout to invest and take advantage. please help.

Looks like this is happening for a few people in a month. I faced this issue when I joined and I was panicked about my missing deposit. I made a mistake of depositing my money outside the given window of 8am-8pm. However, I got the money into my account after 2 weeks. They said, delay was due to a name mismatch between my free trade account and bank account. Even Though i won’t agree with them. I got my money into my account, so I don’t care.

Only choice you have is to wait for sometime patiently. you can’t contact anyone and no one will contact you as well. This is kind of a bullshit customer support system in 2021… shit process of money transfer mechanism at this era…

Remittance of transferring money from one country to another is happening in seconds. These guys are taking ages to reflect a deposit within the country like england.

Is it normal for the first deposit to take many days ? Just did 1st transfer this afternoon and it did not appear.
Just trying to manage my expectations.

Deposits are instant now at least for people up and running. I’m assuming your bank account is not in joint names or different to your name and you used your reference code. If it isn’t in by tomorrow you’ll need customer support but it will take time

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@Rollingskies Thanks.
I used joint named account (with my wife) - i guess i will need to chase someone to track the payment.
(Help center indicates that i may need to send bank statement as they may not be able to see my full name with transfer note)