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Sterling is weak because of Brexit, once there is a Brexit Deal, Sterling will rise fast. This will burn anyone buying US stocks right now. Don’t buy US stocks till sterling rises, unless it is something truly speculative.

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There are virtually no signs of a Deal as yet and there is not guarantee sterling will not plunge even further in case of a chaotic Brexit.

I take your point that dollar can be perceived overvalued compared to the pound, but it is a speculation either way :wink:

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If there is no deal, we are going to 1.15. If I was a betting man (which I am since I do stocks), I would bet on some kind of a deal or delay in brexit before march 2019. That will push sterling up either way. US dollar won’t get stronger since the fed has stopped hiking, the BOE may hike once in 2019 making sterling stronger. I see sterling at 1.45 by the end of the year at least. It’s not a place to be buying US dollar stocks, unless it’s something speculative like Square. Though long term, it makes no difference, since holding a good stock for 10 years plus mitigates FX risk.


Just put ‘in my opinion’ on your posts as it looks like a 100% certainty the way you’re saying it

I can’t predict the future, it’s implied what I am saying is my opinion. I am just giving a list of most probable outcomes that will affect GBP/USD

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Hey, I posted 3 months into my free trade journey a few days ago - here’s the next video using the dollar cost averaging approach and my other thoughts towards investing.

Hope you enjoy :blush:

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Really enjoyed your last video, thank you for posting an update!


Thanks man, appreciate the feedback!

Let me know if there’s more/less info you’d like in the upcoming vids.

Peace :v:


Cool video :smile:

Barclay’s ex-dividend date is today, and the payment date is 05th April 2019 from what I read.

I noticed the video show your pin as you type it…


Something I was thinking too, I don’t know if you’re too concerned about that, I certainlly would be!

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Ahhhhhh you’re right! Just missed out.

I read March like a month ago, and just assumed it wouldn’t be before the 1st so get in then.

Missed by one day :sob:

Thanks for letting me know so I don’t bother the good people at free trade about my smaller dividend. :laughing:

So are you going to cancel Barclays for something else? Or stick with it? :slightly_smiling_face:

You mean The ex div?

I might actually be okay, because if its on Close of Play at the 28th then by 4pm I’ll have the shares… so fingers crossed.

If you meant something else let me know lol

Nah I’ll stick with it - they should have another around July/August which would be more. and I also think the share price will grow to around the 2.50-3 mark in 1-3 years. They’re a solid purchase in my opinion.

What do you think?

I invested a little bit when it was under £1.50 on Freetrade, holding longer term for now, it’ll give me around a 4.3% projected yield as it stands, so thinking I’ll hold until I have a reason to switch.

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Yeah under £1.50 was a good price! Makes sense.

Hey everyone, here’s the next updated video, providing an update on the profit/loss from last week and also which of my stocks are paying a dividend soon.

Honorary mention to @gl196 & @saf for helping me out here too. :smiley:


Hey man. Great video :+1:.

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Very cool video! But I have to admit i’m a bit of a gold sceptic.


Nice video and cracking little pot you have

Do you live in the US?

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