My investments have disappeared

Hi there! I’ve been with Freetrade for a year, and have investments of about £50 in there. My previous phone died on me, so got a new phone and since I logged back in, all my investments have vanished! I didnt keep any screenshots or e-mails on investments, but is there a way i can get all this info back? has this happened to anyone else?

Do you have anything on the history of the account on the transaction tab? If not have created a second account or something by accident? Seems odd to not have any record. Try deleted emails or something but pretty sure your account is still around as it won’t just disappear :+1:

If not email support and wait for response as they seem busy at the moment but if you waited a year a couple more days won’t hurt :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Make sure that the email you have used is the one you used to set up your account, it does sound like you have either set up a new account, perhaps with using two different email addresses.

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Yes got it, used another e-mail address, thanks!


:+1: Sweet! Spend wisely :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: