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Doing an exclusive performance for one platform doesn’t close any doors for artists, it’s not like it prevents you from doing another identical exclusive performance for a competing company. So long as the main studio releases are on every platform and not exclusive, it doesn’t really matter where your live streamed shows are being held. The more shows you do, the better.

Streamed shows are treated the same as recorded music, paid per stream, over time. So it doesn’t matter how many tune in on the day. Like some live Spotify Sessions that use to happen. What I’m suggesting is that format, but in VR.

Live shows are paid per ticket sold on the night, and that isn’t what I’m saying should be exclusive. That would indeed be a bad idea because not selling out the venue is lost profit. But there’s no max capacity to live streaming

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Interesting read from everyone who contributed on here!

I not long ago decided to buy shares in MelodyVR (just before it changed to Napster) simply because I thought it was a great concept. I can envisage youngsters (amongst other age groups) loving the experience of ‘seeing’ their favorite artists (VR style) especially if they may not go / be allowed to go to concerts, for various reasons. I think this could also encourage people who don’t usually go to gigs/ concerts to actually want to go.

I agree it needs tweaking (ie more free views or offers etc) but now it’s Napster maybe they are looking to broaden possibilities. Also (as previously posted by Charliee somewhere above!), it will be installed in BMW cars.

I may be approaching this from a naive position (I KNOW I am! Lol!) but I only buy into what I like/ get a good vibe about/ see potential in. I feel it’s worth a gamble, at least a small investment as it could be massive but hey what do I know. So far I’m in the red on everything so only time will tell! :woman_facepalming:t2::joy:

DYOR: I’m a newbie and have the knowledge of a complete newbie! (eg none!).


Ok nearly green on these


I bought more shares the other day in order to get a better price average (as the price had dropped quite a bit!) and now I’ve just scraped into Green :partying_face:. Its the first time I’ve been in the Green for this one. I better not blink or I might miss the green moment :joy::woman_facepalming:t2:


Some slides from the presentation for those who didn’t want to watch


Really appreciate these slides, where did you get them from? under presentations.

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Napster is quickly becoming the new cellular goods for me. The more I purchase to buy down on the price the lower it seems to go :woman_facepalming:t2:


Really excited about the long term projections from Napster according to those slides.

If they can deliver on that then they will have about 1/25th of the annual revenue and subscription base that Spotify had from 2020 figures i can find.

Spotify share price is currently at around $260. If down the line Napster can get to even 1/25th of that figure with the proportionate annual revenue and subscription base in a few years time, then this stock will POP and be so worth the long term hold.

Of course I know stocks and shares don’t work that straight forward but from a mathematical stand point from projections and current share price of its rival, I dont think its wildly unrealistic to assume it could work out like that.

Not advice, just an observation and my own musings.


I think VR needs to take off in a big way for Napster to succeed - that’s a big question in itself

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Yes, you are right. Even tho I like to keep in mind that Napster itself is a pay-monthly music streaming service charging 10£ per month as Spotify ( that is actually increasing its prices). Napster is less known as I understand and there is still work to do for the app ( but as they said they are coming with a new one shortly?), but they already offer a couple of fancy features that Spotify doesn’t ( and viceversa).

In my opinion they are more or less the same thing and Napster is bringing up the VR, so I truly want to believe that through an amazing marketing campaign they could actually overtake Spotify in a long term. :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:

(Been Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal customer, checking out the Napster app atm and I don’t really see big differences, but enjoying my 30 days free trial :stuck_out_tongue:)


The world has changed massively in the past year. Live gigs and mass gatherings have seemed like a thing of the past. Yes they will be back but when? And what will it look like?

Maybe live gigs via VR could be adopted by more people in the current climate as a viable alternative. People from other countries also able to ‘attend’ a live gig from their own home. It’s a different generation now, much more virtual.

An instance I think of is back in 2019, although not in VR, Marshmello did a live music event in the ‘Fortnite’ game, and 10.7 million gamers ‘attended’ in game. To experience a live, completely digital music event from a music artist, in a game form. That’s mental. I think if it’s done correctly it could work in in a VR format successfully and these guys would be the front runners.

Also that will just be one niche part of the service. Looking at what they plan with the app taken from their website in a comment above,

"The Directors believe that the combination of MelodyVR and Napster’s service offerings will provide the basis for a compelling and differentiated music service which will appeal to the true music fan, consolidating all of an artist’s repertoire including recorded music, short form video content (such as music videos), long form video content (such as documentaries), digitally ticketed live streams, educational videos and immersive AR/VR content, into one premium subscription product.

The app will be made available across multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets, smart TV’s, consoles and VR devices, as well as providing audio only offerings for in-car and connected home devices such as Sonos and Amazon Echo. The app is expected to initially launch in Napster’s existing markets which span 33 countries, extending to new territories shortly thereafter."

I think it sounds very comprehensive as a music service to be honest if they can pull it off and has a lot going for it other than just VR.

I’ll be stocking up and holding for a while and hoping they deliver.


I agree, Napster has amazing potential!

The problem they’ve got to overcome is funding. Napster isn’t going to realistically make a profit for a long time, as they shouldn’t. They need to grow first.

To make the right play on this, I’m going to keep an eye on the small decisions they make regarding marketing and user experience. If it looks like they’re throwing money at ineffective fluff, I’m going to jump ship before they release the financials that will cause the price to tank.

That’s my play anyway, I support the company and the plan they’re proposing is promising, but their success is far from guaranteed


They said in their latest investor presentation that in the course of their projections of getting to 400 million annual revenue by 2023, they should be operationally cash flow positive by end of 2022. So hopefully it won’t be too long until they are turning a good profit.

I’m not expecting this share price to rise too fast in any near time frame, I’m just very confident from what I’ve seen from presentations, the projections, the vision and the people on board that they are on to something substantial in the music space and im happy to go along for the ride and get in early. Few years time, I think this will come really good IF they deliver what they plan and like you say, execute it correctly.


If anyone hasn’t seen the recent Retail Investor Presentation it’s really interesting and in depth about, well, everything going forward. It’s about 15 mins long.

Watch it here:


I wonder what’s the bottom there? :joy:

0 I think

I imagine it will probably keep slowly falling whilst there is no hype around it as its pretty quiet but if the app is due around September time (as far as I know) then hopefully there will be some marketing and buzz around it in the months leading up to it (maybe July/August). So hopefully won’t be much longer until we can see some positive movement.

I’m just going to keep adding more until then and see what happens as I’m pretty confident it will be decent from calculations I’ve done on their projections.

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I wouldn’t bet on it

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