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For example of what could happen if it does you can see this thread for Tiziana.

If they do moves to a US market like this, you will need factor in that you may very well need to pay fees and tax for the stock to move.

How many shares you get would depend on where they list. Some may require require the shares to be worth over a certain amount, so some sort of consolidation may occur, eg. 2 → 1.

After a move, you will also have to factor in whether they will be supported by Freetrade’s US execution partner. The market cap for this stock at the moment is tiny, and I think Drivewealth will likely not add it to be traded as I think they may require a minimum market cap size. - It could be listed as ‘sell only’ status.

Alternatively the route could be the ADR like Argo Blockchain did, retaining the UK stock listing.

Eitherway, if some sort of US listing was going happen, I would be reading through details with a fine-tooth comb to determine what the best outcome for myself would be. Neither of the above outcomes have been particularly advantageous to smaller retail investor.


Earnings have declined by 40.5% per year over past 5 years, shareholders have been substantially diluted in the past year and the SP has been unstable for the last 3 months. :confused:

Looks like competing against TRX…:see_no_evil:

I still have faith in this stock for some crazy reason and it is with the least fact and most heart out of all my investments :rofl: :man_facepalming: I can see the logic behind the doubters and they probably are right but I do like the plan and think within 2 years it will be a success. Maybe not huge but at least up 10% on what my average is. :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe blind faith but I can live in my dream.

What has prompted questions about the switch from LSE to American listing?

It was discussed in their half-year report IR Solutions, Q4 Europe

I’ve got about 80,000 Napster shares and have faith that it will grow and could be a penny stock that makes a lot of people wealthy, but I (and other small investors) don’t want to get screwed over by a move to a different market.


Does anyone have or knows any latest news about the Napster?
Or is it dead?

They died 20years ago :joy:


They’ve been recruiting a lot lately; particularly for devs and marketing people.

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This is going to 0

Their social media I feel has been picking up recently I’ve noticed from what it was before, posting a bit more and they have been actively recruiting for positions recently too so they are very much alive. Just waiting on the app now which I think is due Q1.
I’m still happy to acquire cheaper shares until it all takes off.


The Napster social media is terrible. For a company that’s supposed to be launching an app, they have gone very very quiet. It was supposed to launch in Q4 of this year. For an existing company ( not a new one ) their media presence is appalling. I’ve been buying thousands of their shares every week, waiting for the launch in Q4 and it hasn’t happened. Anything about Napster in the last month on the internet… No. No one knows about them or melody, everyone thinks Napster disappeared years ago. Melody is still showing pictures of the oasis concert in December 2020 as their latest news. These 2 companies are a joke. Do they really expect to be pushing other artists on their platform with live concerts, music, videos, merchandise and nfts when they can’t even push their own platform. I think these guys are going to pull a fast one and liquidate. I think the 35,000 shares I bought will never see a return. I really hope this isn’t the case as I was hoping this would be a long term investment, I told friends and family to buy them. When Napster/ Melody vr can’t even be bothered to put out any information to push their brand or increase some kind of media hype or buzz around a new product, then that worries me for my investment. In an interview Napster said they have enough money to keep them going till may. I wonder what happens after may.


Not saying it is good or bad but maybe they don’t want social media hype until they know 100% they will launch on time. Social media can also kill prospects as well as build it.


They have said in presentations they will ramp up marketing to coincide with the launch. I think we should all reserve final judgement on management until after the release, no matter how much that may make some online voices’ short positions less profitable…


Looks like we have been swindled, as Napster decide to remove themselves from the London stock exchange.
Terrible behaviour, just terrible to do this to the public. It’s almost like it was planned…

Looks like they are going to give a 750 into 1 consolidation with the shares and replace them with a NM share. Not even sure if that will work with this app.

Copy the links below to see the news

Have to say, they aren’t wrong about having more access to growth capital, but to punish long term investors that have stuck through it all is…frankly beyond the pale.

Let’s hope they can focus away from the noise in London, spend time on a great app and come back to the public markets in the States at a valuation they would deserve. Can @freetradeteam confirm we would continue to hold our shares for the few years interim?


Not sure it’s even worth holding the shares, my 35000 shares will be reduced down to 46 shares ( when they cut them to 750 to 1 reduction ). They will have to get listed for over £15 when they get listed for me to get my money back. Not sure thats realistic especially with what they have just done. Investors won’t be queuing up to buy these shares. I had 35000 shares and now I’m going to have 46 shares in a rubbish company and these shares will have cost me about £15 each ( after the reduction). An absolute waste of money.
Do you really want to hold these shares?
Now you know how they treat their shareholders, do you trust them not to swindle you out of everything?

This really won’t matter if the value is the same. When companies merge shares or split it really is not an issue if it is to the same value. Having a larger number of shares is then only an ego thing. I would rather have 1 BRK.A share than 50k Napster.

It may be a bad move but the number of shares won’t be the reason. Maybe they will succeed much more in the US market and our shares then give us more profit and that surely is the only important thing.

As Gary said do hold them. There is literally no point in selling now unless you have an immediate need for whatever residual cash you can get. As I’ve mentioned many times before if the app is released and sees even middling success the windfall will be measured in hundreds or thousand % of current value.

As an aside, this aged well.


Your more than welcome to buy mine when I sell them. However I would wait till the price drops to 0.0001
Or you could sell and buy back in when they go even lower. I’m out