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As if I asked for it, they released some Napster details today. Overall looks good, stock up 5%.

· Amendment to the platform services agreement with SONOS, one of the world’s leading sound experience brands, covering the expansion of ad-supported SONOS Radio in 14 new territories (UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Australia, New Zealand). The SONOS Radio service, which is one of more than 100 streaming services available on the SONOS platform, is now the 3rd most streamed service on SONOS since its launch in April 2020;

· Renewal of the technology and platform services agreement with Panasonic Corporation (Japan) to March 2022, providing application development and integration of Napster services with Panasonic’s HomeX smart home music services;

· Renewal of the digital media services agreement with Telefonica Germany to December 2022, including a 2-year extension of the Napster music service for O2 subscribers and Aldi Talk service subscribers in Germany.

These contract renewals are expected to secure revenues of c.$16 million in aggregate over the course of the next 2 years.

We are also pleased to report the following engagement metrics for the Napster platform for the year ended 31 December 2020. These metrics demonstrate user engagement with the platform and a basis on which to attract new revenue generating users and B2B contracts.

· 126% increase in total platform users at December 2020, including subscribers from PaaS services, to 5.7 million (December 2019: 2.5 million)

· 15% increase in platform average monthly active users, including subscribers from PaaS services, to 1.2 million (FY19: 1.0 million)

· 10.5 billion total plays (FY19: 10.8 billion) and 306.5 million listening hours (FY19: 328.2 million)

In addition, we are pleased to report further expansion in the catalogue of tracks available on the platform thus strengthening the proposition and the depth of content available to Napster’s user base.

· 25% increase in available tracks on the Napster D2C and B2B platform at the year end to 105 million (FY19: 84 million)

· 30% increase in total unique artists available on the platform at the year end to 4.6 million (FY19: 3.5 million)

Looks like tickers changing again, Napster Group PLC - NAP is available :eyes:

As confirmed in the GM, the TIDM has now changed to NAPS. How can we get this updated on Freetrade ASAP?


it’s been delayed:

although they’ve updated the napster website with some share information:


Looks like it’s actually happening tomorrow! Will Freetrade be updated?

The name has now been changed but the category and description has not. IMO it’s no longer a VR entertainment company , it’s now a fully fledged music streaming service.

It’s probably still a vr service under the name of napster. Napster have obviously seen the potential for this company.

I’m going to guess that trading is suspended for this company for a bit? Considering the market has been open for nearly 2 hours now and so far no ups or downs.

It’s not - the Napster and MelodyVR apps are due to be merged later this year with the VR aspect taking a backseat.

Trading is not suspended. It was for a period late last year pending the RTO but has been trading since. Today was simply a name change.

Updated this thread now and the app to reflect the new entity.


I’ve tried to buy shares all day but my payment keeps getting rejected :unamused:

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Not too sure if many people know this, Napster is partnered with BMW as their music provider for the BMW connected platform.

essentially every 2020 car and every car going forward with the 7.0 OS will be using Napster.


Seems to be working now. Just purchased.

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For future reference, this blog post from Freetrade might shed some light

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not letting me buy!

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How on earth is Napster even allowed to operate? Given its initial purpose was the sharing and distribution of illegal, copyrighted material? I’m clearly out of the loop :sweat_smile:


Never had so many rejections in my life :woman_facepalming:t6:. Freetrade platform still not allowing me to buy!!


I bought instantly with no problems.

think the technicality was that as a platform, it was purely a peer-to-peer sharing solution. The fact that the user base then used it for illegal sharing the platform itself wasn’t doing the sharing.

when the authorities clamped down on them, they shutdown and other platforms came about (think torrents, newsbin sites etc.) they then went down the streaming platform as a legit platform… or something to that effect.

now they are a legit streaming platform looking to chomp at the heels of spotify and all the other music streaming platforms around… the difference is that they have a bit of a cult following and pay the artist better for their content (something that may work in their favour when they get bigger and bigger) - i read somewhere their user base doubled in the last year.

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I’d also say that there past gives them a bit of a cool history rather than a bland start up. Must be a nostalgia effect for many who now can afford to pay for music :joy: