Nationality Declaration Form

Would love for Freetrade to implement a nationality declaration form so that you are able to invest in defence stocks such as BAE Systems and Babcock International Group and airlines such as EasyJet, IAG and Wizz Air :smile:

I think the issue is more how would they pass that information on when doing a batch trade at 4pm?

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I bet the new investment platform will tackle this issue easily :wink:


It is quite a mysterious aspect and not much has been shared yet. You can read about it in Freetrade’s plans for 2019. Here is a quote:

Our new Freetrade Platform :keyboard:

We’re already changing the game for all investors with frictionless investing and beautiful user experience. But high fees and crappy apps aren’t the only parts of the system that drastically need an update.

Now, to realise our biggest ambitions, we’re going to go deeper and own every part of the investing process.

Since the summer we’ve been working on our new Freetrade Platform. Ian, our VP of Engineering, is leading the charge and we’ll be rolling it out in the first half of this year.

There’ll be more details on this over the year. However, our work on this will enable big features and improvements. These include:

  • Freetrade Alpha
  • European expansion
  • A huge increase in the number of available US, UK and European (!) stocks
  • Even more venues for order execution
  • And — drumroll — fractional shares

Now with invest by Freetrade up and running will we see a nationality declaration form added to Freetrade so that we can purchase stocks like EasyJet and Rolls Royce?


Now that invest is finally launched it should theoretically be a little easier to implement.


At the last AMA I asked a question about the technicalities around nat. dec. @Viktor, I think you mentioned that there would be an update released on the forum in due course; are you hoping to release these soon?

I guess the interest in airlines may have dropped recently, but I’m still keen :slightly_smiling_face:

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There will be a review of the current stock universe as we prepare to further expand it after the new US stocks, and part of that will be nationality declaration stocks. We’ll share updates as we have them. Thanks for your patience in the meantime.


Thanks for the update.

I hope freetrade can add famous airlines as easy jet, ryanair, delta airline , and south west airlines.

I expect their are good investment for the future.

Welcome @amr_elkammash

You will find this is a fairly well requested sector.

Let’s hope they can be added soon enough.


Can you add the following shares

Airbus SE and other Airlines (Singapore, Lufthansa, Iberia, Embraer) and some Indian Stocks on Reliance JIO .

@Freetrade_Admin @Freetrade_Team Thanks,

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Vote here also.


Hi Viktor. Any update on facilitating national country declaration stocks like BAE systems?

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Hey:) its been a few months now since you posted this. are we close? many thanks


Patiently waiting like many others. I note that it’s not specifically on the roadmap @Viktor but is it possible you might be able to give any insight into where this might be in the pipeline of things to do?

I do prefer the much needed features over these stocks but I hope we do see them soon :smile:


Hi guys, is there any update on this? I’d love to move my EJZ holding over to freetrade into my isa…


We’re sorry we couldn’t prioritise this yet. We’re keeping it on top of the agenda.


Thanks for the update, Viktor. Is there a timeframe available on this? I myself (and I’m sure lots of others) would be eager to invest in airline stocks while they’re down at the moment!