Nationwide requiring additional confirmation when depositing money

Hello, sorry if this is hard to understand as i’m quite new. I have previously deposited money with no issue but on my second time doing this Nationwide (my bank) asks for additional confirmation, this isn’t that unusual and it asks me to use my card reader. The issue is that it then asks for the “destination account number” and I am confused as to whether this is referring to my account No. or the bank account No. of freetrade where the money is going to.
Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this but any help would be appreciated.

If it’s when using the card reader for Nationwide, that will be the account number of the bank account you’re sending it to as opposed to your Freetrade account number - your Freetrade account number is classed as the reference from a banking perspective.

I thought this is the case I just worded it very badly, is there a a way for me to find out the bank account no. For Freetrade? I can’t seem to find it

It’s 15887060. Sort code is 308012, just in case it asks for that too

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Thanks a lot, big help.for future reference where can I find this info?

There used to be an option for manual transfers before TrueLayer was integrated and it was shown although I don’t know how to get to that now.

Best thing to do is set it up as a recipient in your Nationwide account (with your Freetrade account number as the reference) so you can use it that way in future too.

I don’t wanna be a nag but I looked at some other threads and saw someone giving the same sort code, but the account no. Had a nine instead of the last 0? Realistically I should probably just check with support what’s correct?

Support will be able to confirm for sure :+1:

This is correct, you can still do the manual transfer BTW, scroll down to the bottom of the list of banks and the option is there

How do I actually find my Freetrade account Number, it doesn’t show on my Nationwide Statement?

…or anywhere within the app, as far as I can see…

The only record I have is via the payee reference saved within my banking app.