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NatWest Group plc (formerly The Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc) is a majority state-owned British banking and insurance holding company based in Edinburgh.

The group operates a wide variety of banking brands offering personal and business banking, private banking, insurance and corporate finance.

In the United Kingdom, its main subsidiary companies are National Westminster Bank, Royal Bank Scotland, Ulster Bank, NatWest Markets Coutts.


NatWest HQ

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Still 60% state owned!

Further state reductions

On my watch list this one

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Least Natwest held their hands up and admitted they were wrong but money talks when there receiving substantial deposits which they can make hundreds of thousands from investing it.

As a deterrent the potential fine they will receive needs to be higher than the money they’ve made from it.

Moreover, its more than likely that it will be tax payers picking up the bill as its majority state owned. So in effective one government body fining another :laughing:


Bin bags full of cash?! … :man_facepalming:t2:


I like the way the BBC incorporated some random black bin bags into their article


It’s certainly bringing the share price down. Depends how low they go if I buy more or sell at a loss.

BBC News - Government no longer majority owner of NatWest

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Still leaves 48%

The Government has spent years saying 48% doesn’t matter.

Seriously though, when the Government sells a major stake in a business it historically does so immediately before that stock goes through the roof. Half tempted to keep an eye on no other grounds but that.


Having read the 3 year plan that the new boss of Natwest group has pushed out, I am inclined to believe the future will be bright for Natwest. I know, I got bored one night and read the whole document :slight_smile:
As to the reduction in the Government stake, they will still gain a lot in Dividend payments with the potential growth so not all bad for the
I hold shares in this company also so a win win for me


Interim results out this morning

Part 1

Part 2


Anyone got details of the share consolidation - can’t see on my phone

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