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This is how I do it, but hopefully someone will tell me if I’m wrong:

Buy 100 shares @ 10p = £10.00
Buy 100 shares @ 15p = £15.00
Buy 100 shares @ 12.5p = £12.50

Total purchase cost £37.50

Sell 100 shares @ 13p = £13.00

Total ‘income’ £13.00

£37.50 - £13.00 = £24.50

£24.50 / 200 remaining shares gives average price of 12.25p - that’s the figure I work to against the current share price to work out profit or loss.

@bitflip I also had the same issue - What is your expectation from the adjustment ? Seems £NWG is trading at 2.46£ as of market close. The consolidation doesn’t seem to have increased the share value ? How will the adjustment be made for those who held shares when the consolidation took place ? Is this related to the special dividends to be payed ?

Will we get a dividend notification for the special divi

Yes you should expect a notification on receipt for any dividend. Here is a screenshot, from NatWest Group – Ordinary share dividends, of the details of next two to be paid:

The special you mentioned is not due to be paid until the 16 Sept 2022: please give it the normal time to be processed and if you have issues then email


@HGS I am not a shareholder and encourage you to read

My expectation is that management wants the share price before and after to be comparable and therefore will pay the special dividend of 16.8p and adjust the number of shares in issue by enough to make up that 16.8p and voilà. But please note this is only my opinion. Read the investor information to confirm this.


Since the share consolidation the average price per share has been showing as much more than what was paid for the shares I now own which makes it seem as if I’m 20% down on my investment whereas by my own calculations I’m 18% up.
Is this something that will be fixed or can I expect to continue to see the wrong PPS?

It’s a problem with Freetrade system. I have spoken to them and they are trying to improve the system to accommodate these types of changes. Unfortunately for the time being it will show you what it does.


Okay, well good to know it’s an issue they’re aware of.
Just a shame it skews some holdings so much.

I’ve given up now and commit everything to an Excel spread sheet. Unfortunately this issue has come up so many times before (e.g. GSK & Haleon) and it takes an indecent time for FreeTrade to fix it!


Hi everyone, I’m after some advice. I bought 1share in NatWest (I do this to keep an eye on the shares progress, I know you can also put it in ‘add to watch list’ but I use that function for something else already). But when they swapped their shares over it got taken off my list. So my question is, has anyone received their money back yet that also only had 1 share and has anyone received the dividend yet (I did have it on the ex date) ? Thanks

The answer to your question about the dividends is no I haven’t received them although I should have done on Friday, hopefully today.

I don’t know the answer to the first one because I had 90+ shares so mine were consolidated into 89 shares.


Freetrade are Woefully slow at paying dividends as of late so I wouldnt worry too much. I used to get them on the due date for most companies with Freetrade, usually towards the end of the day, maybe the day after on US stocks, but I’m sure they will come in when someone gets around to distributing.


Absolutely, I’m not worried that I won’t get them eventually. However, while I don’t mind waiting a day or two, I’m becoming supremely unimpressed with FreeTrade about the fact that I have to wait for an increasing length of time for almost all dividends, especially as they used to be received very quickly and efficiently!


I wonder if the fact there is a special dividend and payment for shares that couldnt be converted in the consolidation is adding to the delay on this one.


It could be possibly, but i also have shares in Aviva which had a share consolidation and special dividend, and there was a next day payment on that one. Its more than likley not enough staff, and the fact that unlike most share facilities, their system is not automated.

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Do we have any idea when FreeTrade will pay out the NatWest Interim and Special Dividends? According to NatWest the payment date was 16th September 22, it is now the 22nd September! NatWest Group – Ordinary share dividends


Its finally arrived!




Mine today, too!

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I too got mine today. I think it was possibly mentioned earlier but i was wondering if someone could explain as im still very new to all this. I had 98 shares and now have 91 was there some sort of consolidation?

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