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So the share consolidation I believe was 14 old shares will give you 13 new shares and the special dividend. So your original 98 ÷ 14 = 7 then × 13 = 91. Theoretocally the special dividend would allow you to make up any consolidated shares. You should have received just short of £20 in dividends today which would allow you to buy back the 7 shares (dependant on todays prices). I believe they have basically reduced the number of shares available, so after the dividend you can own slightly more of the company.


update, I sold my shares, made a profit, bought another company, then decided to buy some more Natwest shares. Must be a good thing as already made a “paper” profit :slight_smile:

That’s was a sudden drop! Anyone got any news on why?

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NatWest profits climb to £1.34bn despite customer jitters

Shame the share price has plummeted instead of climbing as well! :grinning::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Yes the stock market can be the most irrational thing on the planet some times.

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Thoughts on this after the news on the government selling their stake?

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I hadn’t realised until recently that the taxpayers’ stake was still so large.

The article below from the FT was an interesting read on the weekend.

The journalist describes it as vicious circle because the market knows the stake will eventually be sold, flooding supply, so it subdues the value of the stock.