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It goes public on Monday

“ nCino has been generating strong growth, with over 40% organic revenue growth . . . on top of a relatively scaled revenue base of about $180M total revenue run-rate,” Jaluria wrote in an analysis after nCino announced its IPO intentions. “The most impressive number from the S-1 is nCino’s 147% subscription revenue retention rate in fiscal 2019 (Jan), highlighting the rate of expansions within existing customers.”

“NCino was initially focused on transforming the commercial and small- business lending for community and regional banks. Over 1,180 financial institutions currently use nCino including Bank of America (BAC), Barclays (BCS), Santander (SAN), and TD Bank (TD).”

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Nice one. Great :clap::clap:

I’ve jumped in. See what happens. :grin:


I wish I could have taken it for at least $50. I’ll add it too, but I’ll wait a few days to pass the hype. Maybe that’ll fall off a little bit. Anyway, I see great potential in this company, although it is not yet profitable.

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I think the lowest entry point today was $71ish? I like this company and the 50x oversubscribed IPO suggests the institutions do to. I have bought today and plan to hold

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I think it was a good entry point. That’s over $90. I’m just waiting for a small drop in price to get in and hold too.

I’ve jumped in :facepunch:


I had a small dip in just a fraction before close and made a bit. Watch it plunge tomorrow now :upside_down_face:

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Let’s see tomorrow.

Personally I wouldn’t touch this for at least 6 months as early investors will be dumping their shares. Just like we will if FT ever IPOs!

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I didn’t particularly buy to sell in a few days. I’m going to keep mine longer, so I’m not worried. I think with the money they’re raising now they can move forward on new investments. This company already has a good customer base. Big banks.


It’s been a choppy 6 months! Still very positive news on performance and of course product is on point. Very interested to see where this goes


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