Need help with an unreceived deposit

I deposited some money through a bank transfer and it has not arrived yet, can someone help?

Did you do it from your bank account, or from within the FT app via Open Banking? If the former, did you make sure to include the unique reference?

How long ago was this? It takes a few hours to be processed.

It’s taking a lot longer than usual because they received a 1000% increase in User sign ups. If you have followed all the steps correctly then you just have to wait whilst they process your top up.

If you made a mistake with the reference number then contact them in-app chat or

I’m having trouble with account if could help thanks

If you need help you’ll need to be more specific about what your issue is. It’s possible we may be able to help, but otherwise you’d need to contact FT in-app.

This was yesterday at 2PM and I did it through a bank transfer and included the ref number.

Just to piggy back this - how long is it taking for money to go into accounts atm?

I did a manual transfer as would not do auto mated wat thanks

It gave me an account no and a sort code too pay into thanks

The norm for bank transfers is about 2-4 hours, but there has been unprecedented demand on support (and this activity does currently require a certain amount of manual interaction I believe) so this has not been possible. If it’s not there after 24 hours you may want to contact FT in-app to chase it up, but as I say, support is suffering somewhat.

If you have done a manual bank transfer, did you include the unique reference? You should be able to check your bank account app to see.

Yeah I contacted support yesterday and I’m just waiting for a response

I’m not a 100% certain on this but I think NEW customer deposits take slightly longer to process due to security checks. Having said that in normal times it’s still usually same day service. The average sign ups went from 4000 to 40,000 in a single day which means there’s a very large queue of transfers that need verification.

Agreed. Normally after 4 hours I’d be concerned about the money not arriving, but during unprecedented demand you have to make allowances for such delays.

I took my time this morning to read about the whole saga happening (for the last 6 hours) and only now decided to deposit so gutted will miss market opening (more than likely)

You can still use Google or Apple Pay to load your account (the lifetime maximum is £1K I believe), which should be instant, if you’re concerned about missing out.

I applaud you for doing the research before jumping in, though!