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We have now adjusted this for the stock split so if you go into your app you should see the chart showing correctly adjusted data for Netflix :slightly_smiling_face:


I do. Thanks :slight_smile:

Interesting read

BBC Drama produced 15 series with about 85 hours of programming for a budget of 97 million pounds, or around $130 million at the time, "the same cost as two (seasons) of Netflix’s The Crown. " The report said they were viewed by 74 percent of U.K. adults, compared with 14 percent for The Crown , with an appreciation score of 8.7 out of 10, compared with 8.2 for the Netflix show.

It really does seem like Netflix overspend on content.

Anecdotal, but my friends in the US love the Bodyguard.

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Netflix down after hours due to weak guidance. Is the corona streaming boom over?

What’s everyone else watching? My gf signed up for Disney+ to watch Hamilton, but the service is not a keeper.

I also felt same with Disney + not many choices.

Disney+ is upping their prices as well

This is how many now? Three increases I think? It’s starting to get expensive

I think the last time they increased their price in the UK was 2019

Only a quid more and still well worth in my opinion.

Netflix: Shares plunge as subscribers switch off Netflix shares plunge amid fears coronavirus boom is over - BBC News

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I think I’ll hold on to mine ready for the next lockdown! :confused:

No need to overreact to the share price dropping on slightly missed quotas and comps to an anomaly year, just need to decide if you still believe Netflix can be one of the winners in the streaming game.

This was a good perspective.

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If you are long Netflix, you should consider where these new subscribers are coming from. The streaming market is already quite saturated in many Western nations, which is why Netflix are considering how to curtail password sharing. This tries to convert existing users into paying customers, it is not about finding new users - it’s a red ocean, not a blue ocean.

Tentpole TV like The Queen’s Gambit will still make headlines, and will probably travel well internationally too. But I think a lot of growth will be down to how well Netflix succeeds in Asia…

Does Netflix have a moat or will they leak subscriptions and market-share to Disney/Amazon/Apple over the next few years?

I think their first mover advantage, the fact that they’ve learned all the lessons of how to acquire and retain an audience, and that they continually produce great exclusive content is a big advantage for them.

Apple and Amazon, at the moment their streaming product isnt their core business, likelihood that it never will be. Can they really compete against a business who are solely focused on streaming?

Disney is the main competition (I believe) because of the media they have IP on already and their ability to produce more.

But I think there’s also room for more than one big winner in such a large market. It’s definitely interesting seeing many other streaming products pop up but they have such a long way to go to have as firm footing as Netflix do.

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what worries me about netflix is how much they have to put in to get that “great exclusive content”. Their strategy is basically throw money at pretty much every pitch and see what sticks, this is why the vast majority of their shows only last a couple of seasons, because they are awful, but subsidised by the relatively few good ones.
In 2019 they spent the best part of $20bn on original content but finished the year with $5bn in cash. I think it’s all good for Netflix until it isn’t, it all seems a bit too hand-to-mouth for my liking

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The catalogue is getting bigger and bigger with original shows the longer they are around and I would guess that people will happily move to Disney, Netflix and 1 other with a basic TV package from x,y or z in the future. It would be a lot cheaper than some Sky deals etc and much better. Besides, there are still a heck of a lot who have not yet subscribed in the world.

ICYMI, the $NFLX Q2 earnings came in this week

And we got the popcorn out :popcorn: