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First of Lovely Sanky diagram :ok_hand:t2:, secondly they make 182m from DVD’s … !!

It’s a shame that Amazon blew everyone out of the water for MGM, it feels like for a a few $ it would have had a nice home at Netflix, it would create the a bedrock of re watchable content that Netflix needs to find.


Netflix have cancelled Space Force :face_with_raised_eyebrow:, It was one of my favourite shows. The only reason I need Netflix is to watch some of my favourite series The Witcher, Stranger Things, and the upcoming Resident Evil TV series. (If they were on any other platform I wouldn’t have Netflix)

In terms of being the top dog in streaming, anyone can be a Netflix unfortunately. It’s not hard to create original content or simply just buy it.

Netflix went a fair few years without any real competition and now they have Disney+, AmazonPrimeVideo, Hulu, HBO Max, Paramount Plus, Apple TV to name a few breathing down their throat creating good scripted content, but also eating into their subscription numbers.

Netflix really need to crack on with launching that gaming division.

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I’m not really one for gaming but this would help retain some subscribers and add new ones.

Interesting video ‘The content bubble’, affecting Netflix, Google (Youtube), Microsoft etc.



Every device has a Mac address. We just use this, and the ip and screen resolution etc to create a unique fingerprint for each device. You can tell with 100% accuracy when the same device is used. Unless they move house and change monitor/phone and change the network card.

What’s peoples guess on when this share bottoms out?

Around $100-120