New account - nationality question

Good afternoon,

I would like to open a new account and start investing long term, the thing is I’m polish, but I’ve been living in the UK for a nearly 10 years.

My question is:
What form of identification shall I pick when asked?

National insurance number or PESEL (which is basically a polish equivalent of nin)

Thank you

Pretty sure at the moment you need a UK NI number, at least until they expand to Poland.


Yes I would concur NI number

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Thank you for the fast reply. I was going to go with NIN as I work and live here. The thing is I don’t have a British citizenship yet and it clearly says ‘nationality’ when you try to open the account.

What I’m going to do is open it with my national insurance number and then make sure with someone from freetrade that’s alright.

Thanks again :+1:

Good Luck with your investment journey and great to have you on board :crossed_fingers:t3:


I think there are a lot of users with other nationalities, not least the management. As long as you are paying tax in the UK that’s probably the main caveat at the moment given the ISA etc.

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