New Electric Car IPO (reverse merger) Canoo

Canoo (US based EV startup with modular design & subscription model) just announced a reverse-merger IPO (same as Nikola motors did a few months ago). I see great potential in them and it’d be amazing if we could invest in them on FT!

Wouldn’t you need to actually buy Hennessy Capital Acquisition Corp IV at the moment? Those shares will then become Canoo once the merge is completed.


It’s not one that excites me that much but here are the two fully charged videos on it:

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correct! same as with Nikola and VIQ. But I’m also happy if Freetrade gets it done right after the merger has happened. I just wanted to bring it to their attention :slight_smile: but yeah they should list $HCAC at present time.

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We’re on it.


thanks Viktor :slight_smile:

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