New referral links that allow multiple referral signups

Hi @Viktor I see you’re starting to do referral links that don’t expire after one signup, eg - is that available to all of us yet?

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Hey Rod - I’d say that that’s more of a landing page for FT to track referrals from Monevator rather than a referal link.

I’m not trying to be picky - just that, the fact that they’ve had to stick up a specific page on the website to track multiple referrals from a single source probably means that long term referral links still aren’t properly up and running.

Maybe so!

Just wondering when people who have a money/investing newsletter with a few hundred readers can also get one! :wink:

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Oh I’m totally with you there!

I have a blog/website and wanted to get referral links from the likes of Monzo etc that didn’t include my real name all over the landing page (i.e. Mortimer jazz thought you might like to sign up!), but it wasn’t possible.

how do you get this?

Why does the referral link expire? I wanted to recommend a friend today but couldn’t be bothered contacting freetrade for a link so ended up recommending another app where the link is always there. Just feel like freetrade are missing out, why do they make it more difficult? Surely only they suffer?


The long-promised next iteration Free Share 2.0 will solve this issue.

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