New Shares Please

Please can we have in the ISA these stocks available.

1628.HK. Yuzhou Properties Co Ltd
RR.L. Rolls Royce
FRO. Frontline ltd
ET. Energy Transfer LP
Gog.L. Go-Ahead group plc
Tui.L. Tui Ag
1966.HK. China SCE property Holdings ltd
Cna.L. Centrica
1088.HK. China Shenhua
NYMT. New York Mortgage Trust

I like the high percentage dividends that could return or they are already paying, that these companies offer.

Hi Jason, welcome to the forum :wave:

Many of these stocks have requests for them already, which you could find by searching, e.g:

So I’ll close this thread for now, and you can vote on other threads or create new single-stock threads.



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