New sign up trouble - Help needed

Any help appreciated please…I am trying to set up an account and part of the process is to input your mobile…It keeps saying ‘invalid number’ and having tried so many times now the message reads ‘to many messages sent’. The mobile number is correct, I have cleared cache and I do not have a VPN running. I am on windows 10 OS operating system and current Samsung mobile…thank you…GAry

Have you definitely not used FT before? I know this problem has come up with email address before.

Thanks Neil…oh my…i am getting on in years but no I dont believe i have…ive had same issue with etoro

Who’s the mobile provider?


It’s been a while since I signed up so can’t remember the bit with the mobile number - is it input so that it sends an SMS to you for verification?

I assume you’ve accounted for the scenario where it starts it for you with +44 and you’ve forgetten to remove the inital 0?

I’ve come across similar scenarios on other online platforms where people have problems where the mobile provider did everything via VoIP which could causes similar sounding problems like this (the people with these problems). I don’t think sky do that specifically though.

Does your phone have VoLTE or wi-fi calling? If so, you could try turning them off and see if that could help?

will do…thank you for your time…does Ft have a customer service provision?

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Yes - there is in app chat for FT+ and an email or

They’re a great bunch and always quicker to reply that the stated times imo.


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