New stocks today

(Alex Sherwood) #21

You can vote for us to add Realty Income here :ballot_box:

Realty Income Corporation - O

(Jack Bailey) #22

Anyidea when the next update of shares will be?

(Alex Sherwood) #23

We’re planning to add some more on Friday :smiley:


Will there be any new stocks being released soon - I’m not waiting on anything in particular, just interested to see what will be available next?! :thinking:

New stocks
(Alex Sherwood) #25

We didn’t manage to get the new additions set up in time this week :pensive: we’ll add those US stocks next week instead.

(Emma) #26




No need to add anymore stocks Alex. I have every investment I need in Freetrade already there :wink:
I’m alright Jack :joy:

(Louis emina) #28

Hopefully O- realty income is on the list :pray:


O reached an all time high today. I requested it months ago but it still hasn’t been added.

(Georgi) #30

Same with MO- been wanting to get in since the mid 40s. Watching it go up every day breaks my heart