New stocks today

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Hi everyone :wave: apologies for the slightly delayed update.

Since we began adding stocks to the app, we’ve given everyone access to over 50 new stocks, ETFs & trusts. Freetrade customers can now invest in the majority of the securities in the FTSE 250, along with over 120 US stocks from our Stock Universe.

We want to make investing accessible to everyone, particularly first-time investors & at this point, almost all of the best-known brands are available to invest in. So we’ve decided to reduce the frequency of stock additions in favour of building our own investment platform, which will enable us to add a lot more stocks, more easily.

But nevertheless we will continue giving you the most important new stocks! We still plan to add stocks from the big tech companies that IPO this year, like Lyft, Slack, Pinterest etc, as soon as we can.

When we add new stocks, we’ll let you know by updating the Stock Additions Wiki & sharing the news here, as well as on social media.


FTSE 350
New stock availability advance notice
BP Prudhoe Bay Royalty Trust - BPT
Scotts Miracle Gro Company - SMG
How are you coping with the Votes limit on #Ideas :bulb:?

I just did a quick look at the trades I have in my SIPP and checked them in my freetrade app to see how many are available and could only see BA and Haliburton available.

Other key shares like WYNN, SLB, ENLC, XPO and FIZZ were all unavailable.

When are we likely to see a much wider scope of shares in this market ?




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Hi Alex :wave: I’ve shared our latest update our plans for stock additions here so I’ve moved your post over, to keep all of the discussion in one place.

Just let us know if there’s anything else you’d like to know :slight_smile: