Newbie question on W8-BEN


This is pretty stupid but I can’t remember if completed the W8-BEN form in the app or not when I signed up. I can’t see any mention of it in the app. I have bought a few U.S stocks, would I not have been able to buy them if I had not completed the form?

Hi, welcome to the forum!

Hopefully this page helps, basically if you can’t see the option to do it then you’ve already done it! - What is a W-8BEN form? | Support


Hi Sam,

Thank you for your help. I definitely don’t have the option to apply for the W-8BEN in the profile section of the app, so I must have done it. It’s strange, I have zero recollection of it :joy:

I’m exactly the same tbh - must have been in the initial set up at some point, I don’t remember!!

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