Newcrest - ASX-NCM 🇦🇺 ⛏

Newcrest are Australias premier gold miner, low cost high volume. Great sites, tech based production.

Here’s a little video on their tech at Telfer and why they’re so good at what they do.

Quiz time - they share a site with a minnow already on the Freetrade, who can name them? ;).

Hint - if you know what site they’re talking about in the below video it will help:

Lundin on the lookout for a acquisition…their fellow board members from Newcrest could recommend a potentially large gold find near one of their sites…

You know I know… :blush:

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$NCM half year report is hear. Results look very strong.

Greatland Golds Havieron project gets another mention!

When can we get this?

Australian shares will be a way off into the future I would havd thought. Will most likely roll out all other features and main markets first so potentially a loooong time