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For some reason on my mobile all the newsletters are in a font smaller than is comfortable. In essence the formatting of your emails uses too small font size so needs some design work please.

Yes I’m getting old.

I was just thinking the exact opposite. Just received my ‘beat the brain’ email from David at :freetrade: and thought the email font was too large so the scroll goes on a long time. Needs to be made smaller.

The emails are just right for me actually, though it’s worth noting that there are many, many different email clients with varying ways of rendering, so it might be that our views of it are different. Some modern email clients do not even support css media queries which makes responsive emails look bad. What device/os/email client are you viewing it in?

I am on iPhone XS/Gmail App/Dark Mode and it’s like this:

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Android, via Yahoo Mail app - teeny tiny text. I rarely have this issue with other newsletters.

Using Android device and hotmail

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Think @Luno15 is about right

I was actually an email designer/developer for 7/8 years and it’s notoriously difficult to code email newsletters. If the FT team need a hand at all I’d be happy to take a look at the code/build (for free :grin:)

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The font is annoying massive on my device also (Android) I have experience in HTML emails also and they are notoriously a pain in the ass but whatever you are.dounh with the font size is not working as no other emails I get from anyone are as hard to read due to such huge text.

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Hi all, we’re working on some new email design templates which should hopefully improve the look and feel of your emails!

Thanks for sharing your feedback :pray:


Thats great. I tend not to read them because of the font size so if improvements can be made that will be postive.

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The font has gone really small now!

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Any idea when these new templates will be released?

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