NextEnergy Solar Fund - NESF

The company aims to provide investors with a sustainable and attractive shareholders that increases in line with RPI over the long term by investing in a diversified portfolio of solar PV assets that are primarily located in the UK. To give investors with an element of capital growth through the reinvestment of net cash generated in excess of the target dividend in accordance with the investment policy of the company. The company intends to achieve its investment objective by investing exclusively in solar PV assets primarily located in the UK. Up to 15% of the investment may be invested in solar PV assets that are located outside the UK.

Just found this on DividendMax. It looks like a great company in the renewables sector. I especially like the dividends increasing with RPI. Any excess funds are then ploughed back into investments to grow the business.

Are these on :freetrade:? I can’t find them?

I can’t find either and I’m not locked to an isa

I’ll change it.

They are not yet on FreeTrade☹️

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