NFTs - Non Fungible Tokens - fad or the future?

It might, there is always a chance…

although having said that, please check out…

and to add to that… my trading bots have not indicated the extreme volatility associated with such a pull-back (yet).

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NFTs summed up so beautifully…


New-Fangled Tulips?


Personally, I’d want to know how much rainforest was being destroyed to make sure I was getting value for money.

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I think this too.

Although I’m not sure how it would work with standard copy right laws. Maybe it’s a potential way to unify ownership of digital assets like photographs etc.

While most NFTs are probably a fad the underlying technology could be extremely disruptive going forward, here is a great deep dive on NFTs - Power to the Person - Not Boring by Packy McCormick

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Ownership of digital games, music and movies.

I’d like to see shares/votes/land/property/etc as nfts. would solve a few problems I’d think