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This company acquires and operates ‘drinks-led’ hospitality venues. On admission, it acquired the London Cocktail Club which it plans to scale through investment and acquisitions.

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My recent buy order for nightcap was rejected without explanation, can someone tell me why?

Is this worth investing in as we don’t know when clubs open again

I’ve made 2 buys yesterday and one today without any problems. I know it doesn’t help you but just FYI!

Hopefully this will pay off 12 months investing clubs will open soon

I think so. Firstly because it’s Sarah WIllingham and she has a great track record.

Secondly because I like the fact they are taking advantage of the current downturn in both hospitality and commercial premises prices, and hopefully building up a portfolio of bars and property on the cheap.

As bleak as it is things can’t get much worse, and hopefully when they return to normal they will own several chains of bars and we’ll be quids in.

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thanks stu, all sorted now

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Hi Robert, I was looking for an opportunity as i believe this sector will achieve good growth once allowed to re-open

I’ve just bought 5500 shares and will keep for a while but in new to this so any advice is welcome thanks

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DYOR, etc. All that I’ll say is that I am staying well clear of this one.


The research that I have done, leads me to believe that I do not want to invest into this business. As with any investment, I would strongly recommend that we all do our own research, etc.

Best of luck, but this one isn’t for me.


Hi Mat, I’m curious, any stand out points in your DD you’d like to share?

I’m not going to get drawn into a conversation about all of this.

However, I would recommend having a look into the recent raise, the history to all of this, the corporate structure, the balance sheet, the cash burn rate, revenue forecasts, the historic P&L of the businesses, the previous ownership of the recent purchase, etc.

As I keep suggesting, DYOR…


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That’s the £1500 question Robert :laughing:

It’s really down to what risk / strategy suits you. I can’t really answer that for you as it’s more of a personal question

Appreciated @Mat

Thanks Jonny

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Any idea why my sell order keeps getting rejected?

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Mine do too, I’ve got 53 shares and I can’t sell any, I’m trying to sell them all but it wont let me, never buy NightCap shares again

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Won’t let me sell either :angry::angry::angry:

@Gazwhite I had real issues getting more shares this morning, tried again half hour later and all good