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100% return in just over 2 weeks. Hope it’s a sign of things to come :slight_smile:

Strange pattern for this on the daily chart; up, down and up but never going anywhere

I was researching this company and thought I’d see what they actually offer at these venues. I was shocked to see that one of the drinks/ cocktails they offer is called ‘crack babies’. Maybe I’m just the sensitive type (and Im a a mum - not that I’ve ever tried crack cocaine!), but I thought this was in incredibly poor taste… Put me off doing any further research.

As a 20 something who works at a bar and often goes to bars I would definitely get a drink called ‘crack babies’ and I know for a fact a large proportion of people who go to bars would see that name and order it because of the name.

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Ahh that’s what it is you see, I’m well past your age and look at things more maternally (and perhaps, deeply!). Sounds like they are on trend for their market!

I’ve just bought 3500 shares my average is now 29.14 hopefully will be a good investment I’m holding for 5 years I’m new to investing so only time will tell