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One of my favourite snippets from this whole debacle, a quote by Nikola Motor Company CEO Trevor Milton…

“The entire infotainment system is a HTML 5 super computer,” Milton said. “That’s the standard language for computer programmers around the world, so using it let’s us build our own chips. And HTML 5 is very secure. Every component is linked on the data network, all speaking the same language. It’s not a bunch of separate systems that somehow still manage to communicate.” [Source]

I’m not sure how tech savvy you have to be to understand that he’s just vomiting words here, but suffice to say it’s quite impressive how much nonsense he managed to cram into 4 sentences.


Ha, he sounds almost Trump like in his willingness to offer opinions on things he obviously doesn’t understand :rofl:

HTLM 5?! That’s some high tech right there. I’m waiting for them to announce the use of PHP now.

It’s like that competition the stars of NCIS had to sneak the worst technical jargon into an episode.

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Ha ha, as a Senior Software Engineer you are far nerdier than me and I respectfully bow before you.

For the uninitiated, here’s PEAK NCIS stupidity… because everyone knows that two people can type faster on a single keyboard than just one.


Ha, well - I could break it down further but he’s wrong from the very start.

HTML is a markup language, all it does is define page contents / layout. It doesn’t do logic. So security isn’t a thing on HTML at all either.


:joy:fair play to be honest I almost respect him now. He’s managed to totally milk the system for so long you cant (only) blame him. Not his fault he’s sitting on his $30m ranch when he’s been enriched wilfully…

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If there’s one thing you’re not allowed to do in America it’s steal from rich Americans. Martin Shkreli found that out that hard way, Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos is likely to as well and I doubt this guy’s going to get away with it.

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Oh dear, Milton should be in jail.


:innocent::innocent::innocent::innocent::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: great dd on the company before the ipo


Time to change the description to “company that does not make trucks”


So wonder what’s next for Nikola ? :face_with_monocle::thinking:

Possible CUMMINS and LINDH collab instead ? :pray:

Hoping this goes to zero. No ethics.


Reminds me of that scene in “The IT Crowd” when they hand over a box saying it’s ‘the Internet’ and the managers/consultants/sales staff all fawn over it with delight. LOL.


Nokia just announced job cuts of up 10,000

Are you sure you’re in the right thread? Or is it a typo?

Haha your right i put it in the wrong thread :woozy_face:

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No worries, it’s early :joy:

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