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Cathie Wood from ARK Invest sharing her views on Nikola


Bye Nikola

Really don’t get how or why the stock price for this is so high and Nio who are actually shipping a product is so low.

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Stocks from autocracies generally trade at a discount. Because of accounting practises and the constant threat of nationalisation and having no investor rights. Also Nio has negative equity.

A question of time, nio will be a 4 digit share price company. Nikola is so much about betting on the future of their technology that has not seen the light and discounting it to present.

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Share price is irrelevant, the important thing is Market Capitalisation and Nio has a market cap that is already quite high, though I am hoping that it increases even more.

Nikola’s market cap make even less sense as at one poit they were worth more than Ford, despite not being able to actually produce any vehicles.

Seeking Alpha: Nikola Corp. Is Not For Me.

$36k of revenue, $41m of selling, general and administrative costs. Net loss $87m. How is this valued at $14bn?

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The same General Motors what went bankrupt but is “too big to fail” so plods along like a zombie?!

Sounds like a match made in heaven! I’m not a hydrogen naysayer, I think there’s a place for it but I don’t see Nikola delivering anything. Comparing GM’s investment in Nikola and with Amazon’s in Rivian makes me think that, despite everything it’s been through, GM is still stuck with a lot of old school managers/execs running the place.


With the new info from Hindenburg research,

…it’s wise to read this very damning report and perhaps read this


Fascinating read!

It’s the end game over the coming weeks for the company.

:joy::joy:that response. I think this is the closest I’ve ever come to opening a short position.

13B market cap is the current market expectation that Nikola might be able to get a decent market share of trucking industry using mostly 3rd party technology in many years (still unclear what % is their own tech).

For Tesla the biggest obstacle was not even the tech but mass production in a factory (That what GM is for?).

Everyone saying that crowdfunding valuations are too high should be given a link to Nikola.

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If you’re in at the moment, you might want to think about getting out… the SEC are involved !

This stock is the reason I wish short selling was an option on Freetrade


The details of this deal were such an interesting read that I thought I should post it for the benefit of anyone else who’s interested in this drama

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