(Kevin) #1

A very promising company whom have recently listed on the NYSE.

This was going to be my first investment had it been on the Freetrade app. Please look at adding this fund ASAP.

Google Finance

(Harihar Patel) #2

Nio is highly speculative though, I already get worried when people decide to have the core of their portfolios in Square, Tesla and Nio.


NIO is one year old Chinese Tesla, last quarter results are outstanding. As EVs are becoming prominent,huge potential for growth. Hope to see this on Freetrade at the earliest.


Their EP9 just got featured on The Grand Tour, is licensed in the GT Game and they’re racing this weekend in the ePrix in Mexico City; they now have offices globally, really hit the big time since their NextEV days. I’ve had to invest on another platform because for me this is simply to good an opportunity to pass up at the moment.