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Looks like the chip shortage is really impacting NIO based on their August delivery numbers (5,880 deliveries).
5% down pre market, but think it’s being overlooked that they’re experiencing all time record orders for their vehicles and have also given guidance for Q3 deliveries of 22,500-23,500 which gives a forecast September delivery estimate of 9-10k.


Oh great. Another red stock for me

Keep cool Ricky :relaxed: all will come good might take a while but future proof I’m very positive :+1:t2:

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I’m thinking this is a $100 a share stock to be honest.

That would give NIO a market cap of FORD + GM + $35bn

They’ve sold 77,800 cars in the last 12 months. Which currently values those sales at $706k per sale …

If they hit $100 as @Ricky1 is hoping (no timeline for this) those orders would be worth $1.76m per sale

There is already a substantial premium for future growth baked into the $40 dollar price.

Add to this the confusion around Chinese crackdown and control of data (I wouldn’t buy a car to have all the sensor fees information back to the CCP).

You don’t actually own $NIO when you buy this stock, you own part of a shell company in a tax haven that owns more opaque companies that have a contract with $NIO.


Do you work within the financial sector? Your comments and views are very interesting… Thank you for your contributions!


Interesting read, thanks.

I’ve also read the view that NIO stock is Under valued.

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I actually don’t but enjoy providing insight with some data points. Very kind of you to comment, I do this for … fun :thinking:

I’m no EV expert so make what you will of my comments. There simply isn’t enough space for all of these new EV companies to exist along side the trusted legacy brands. Will NIO succeed? I honestly don’t know but they would have to ramp production 10 x - 20 x to justify their current valuation IMO. With the pressure on chips which is biting all manufacturers and has no end in sight this seems unlikely.

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This is not an EV company it’s a lifestyle company.

Nio home
Nio life
Nio cars
Nio formula e
Nio battery as a service


I can see what they’re trying to do, be the Chinese Tesla so they can get a slice of that market cap. I don’t know why I would want some crockery or a suitcase from an EV company.

NIO Formula E is just a loss leading marketing exercise.

Battery swap is interesting but I don’t get why it’s been so quick & automated. It seems they’ve optimised what should exist.

I’m out on the whole ADR Chinese stock ownership right now as a rule, the risk it fundamentally too high.

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A new share dilution is on its way. :grimacing:

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When is or did this happen and does that mean you’ll lose stock like 1/10 share ratio?
And with the face that means bad news :thinking::man_facepalming:

Looks to be $2bn raised with a 3% dilution.

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When a company issue more shares, this automatically dilute the value per share causing a dip in price. Looks like it’s happening, but I’m not sure when. However, this is not necessarily bad in the long run, if it consequently strengthens the company’s finances or serves in investments that will bring more revenue. In the short term it is painful for the investor.

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Thanks for that @NeilB I understand somewhat now :+1:t2:

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I think it was in pipeline as they are down but could be the lack of production that’s been mentioned recently safety issues too regarding self drive!
It’s long term for me just issues with China American regulations more also :+1:t2:


$NIO have issued $2bn more shares and will have $2bn more cash (minus some brokering fees). If you’re long $NIO this shouldn’t really matter.

The market doesn’t appear to like this and that could be any number of reasons, my guess is that it’s been raised for “general corporate purposes” - they have plenty of cash so the raise isn’t an urgent issue. It could point to the board feeling fully valued and striking while they have a high valuation which for a growth stock is an amber flag.


I’m not currently a NIO investor, so it doesn’t make much difference to me. I even have little information as to the reasons. I only posted it because the news came in my investment app. I’m sorry if I caused any unnecessary panic and good luck to you, NIO investors :crossed_fingers:


Bored of NIO might well sell up and invest in something else.