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I agree that EVs are still too expensive relative to average car prices (with a small but growing second hand car market).

However Nio is not currently the mass market like Ford or VW - they target the luxury market hence their very pricy models.

They’re now being outsold by both Xpeng and Li on a monthly basis but it’s worth noting that they make much higher gross profits per car than either of the other (who are more mass market focussed).

It’s expected that Nio will eventually the affordable mass market most likely through a partnership with another firm, this should help them diversify.
For now though, there’s plenty of wealthy people (especially in China) who can afford Nio cars based off of demand (they can’t build them fast enough!)

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I wonder what our options will be if Nio delists off the Nasdaq and their only listing is the HK exchange. Any ideas what would happen to the ADR stocks?

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Bought on market open yesterday, and up 5% already due to the good performance yesterday.

Previously held NIO from $25 to $60, then did some portfolio rebalancing and sold at the top pretty much. Never thought I’d get an opportunity to reinvest below what I initially bought them for.

Onwards and upwards I guess. :smile:


Lucky for some

A good few days and long may it continue as some of us are still 50% down :joy::person_facepalming:

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Didn’t need That news but that’s terrible :disappointed: