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What’s going on with FT displaying the incorrect $20.05 instead of the correct amount of $20.82? Is FT broken?

It’s now saying that the share price is $19.17. What the heck is going on FT?

Quite a few of my stocks are priced differently on Google Finance, the market has been closed for hours. Don’t get it.

There are different data providers, most days you’ll find a difference between what they could as the close price. If I remember correctly they use either the average bid/ask or the final trade price. Some trades are ‘off book’ and these update later as the data provider gets them.

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I get the final trade price from nio inc by email and it stated that it closed at $20.82 at 10.51pm. Confused as to why FT has a different price from nio.

Because NIO is using a different data provider to Freetrade.

I wouldn’t get too hung up on it, unless you’re trying to swing / day trade it’s not an issue.

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Thanks Neil, seems to have been sorted now :+1:

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I’m not 100% there hasn’t been a man issue data provider too which won’t have helped the situation.

Right i see, so if you were about to sell/buy a large holding it would be best to check which ever excahnge its listed on first for the correct price.

This piece from Freetrade goes some way to explain liquid & this forms the foundation of price. What is liquidity and how does it affect the stock market? | Freetrade 2

I think about liquidity like a bureau de change where they display their buy at one price and sell at a higher price. The bureau de change for the stock market is called the market maker. The difference between these two numbers is the profit they keep for providing the liquidity (buying your stock without necessarily having a buyer). The smaller / more volatile a company is the higher the profit they’ll want for taking the risk of executing your order.

We flagged your issue even though all seems to be Ok now. We know that some feeds were late last night. I hope that you won’t experience this again. Sorry :frowning:


Little confused or maybe im being silly. Its showing im up at a profit but i bought the stock higher at 18.01 usd and its now 17.95…

See the top of that green bit? that’s where I bought this.

definitely one of my ‘learning & stupidity tax’ stocks, paid a heavy price for the lack of research!


Your profit is the difference between the GBP cost to buy and the GBP to sell. This will move the profit without the share price moving due to currency fluctuations.

Freetrade treats all trades as GBP +/- currency movements as opposed to EUR/USD.

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Thanks neil

Down to $7 next?

Random number? Or is Thet your favourite :thinking:

What’s everyone’s thoughts on the future of NIO? I’ve been playing patient for over 2 years now and hoping I can get that -£400 into the green again :joy:


Haven’t a clue… currently 50 odd percent down so i don’t think there’s much chance of turning a profit

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Found somebody with more - than me :man_facepalming::roll_eyes: feel your pain