NMRD - Price Discrepancy

Just bought some shares from NMRD.
All live feeds Inc IEX shows the price as $3.88 per share.

Once purchased the price shows each share was biught at $4.23!

Why is there such discrepancies especially when all live feeds are showing the lower price!


Bid Ask spread again!

Hi @Salris

If you want to read up on this issue these should help

Where is the bid and ask price shown on the Freetrade app?

Bid/ask spread isnโ€™t shown in freetrade app. Personally I think it should be.

Where did you find it? Which app did you use?

That screenshot was from Yahoo finance page

Apologies, probably being really stupid however I cannot find it via the link. It opens the app but cannot find the bid and ask section

Iโ€™m on desktop at the moment and itโ€™s on the first page to come up. not sure how to find it in the app

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See it now on the page just doesnโ€™t show on the yahoo app as well!