No response at all from support team

I emailed details@freetrade to change my address and name, app tells me they typically reply in 2-3 business days, it has been 5…

Update: they respond usually within the hour. I had to use the original email address.

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I would imagine that’s going to be an issue. They wouldn’t be able to validate they are the same really, so I would try to send from the original email address if you can.

I’m not sure on Proton Mail but many providers will let you set the outbound mail from.

Sometimes companies won’t even respond to emails where they can’t validate an account, but I don’t know if that is the case here.

PS: Welcome to the community! :+1:

Thanks, I wish I can send via the original email but that’s a paid feature, I guess I’ll just keep waiting

It may be better to try in case the details change specific team can’t deal with it in this situation? They may ask you just to show ID and confirm some details.


You obviously have to use the email your registered with. You should be able to use the one without issue, it’s included by default. Just select it from the drop down on the from box.

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