NO RESPONSE FOR 4 DAYS. Money not yet in FT account

I have made a transfer from my HSBC account 4 days ago (that’s Thursday last week). Money has left my bank account, but there is nothing yet on my FT account.
Meanwhile tried contacting the team through the chat 8 times! NOTHING!!!
What is going on? Can someone please help? Thank you.

What time on Thursday did you deposit?

Around 1pm.

Usually takes around 2-4 hours but the unprecedented demand recently means things are going a bit slower.

You may have potentially missed the cut off for Thursday anyway, so really you’ve only been let down on Friday, and no deposits would go through at the weekend anyway.

It’ll happen, and your money will arrive safe and sound, but I can only suggest to be patient until someone replies.

Yes, I understand the delay due to a surge in demand. I will wait a couple more days days, that is fine.
I just wish someone could reply. The support at the moment is just not working.