No response from Freetrade when setting up

No response from Free Trade to verify my account!!

I set up my account, awaiting verification after 10 working days.

I have chased for a response numerous times under the “contacts us” page on the app. However I’m getting the silent treatment and wondered if anybody else is also experiencing the same awful service!

Contemplating abandoning the platform. What use is dealing with a surge if you can’t register majority of the demand.

The silence is unacceptable, I want answers.

Hi, welcome to the community @Anisha :wave:

I can’t say I’ve had such issues but the Freetrade team have set up a dedicated email for people dealing with verification issue like yourself. I recommend dropping an email to, explaing your situation.

Although I can’t comment on the verification process, I can however vouch for the app itself. I’ve been a customer for over 2 years and am happy to of started my investing journey with Freetrade. Although, your journey has not starting as easily as mine did, I do recommend you stick with it and I’m sure the team will resolve your issues soon :smiley: