No US Dividend Tax on Certain Stocks

I’ve had Invesco go ex-div but I think because it’s long-form identifier begins with BMG so it’s trading from Bermuda. I own it on the NYSE as IVZ. Has anyone had this happen with US stocks? Handy way of not paying the 15%

Does this happen with any of the ADR’s or OTC’s?

This is not a Freetrade question just investing in general :+1:


I was checking the European Dividend Aristocrats in this post, This may be an interesting way to avoid the 15% of the US stocks

Yes, but only a minuscle fraction are listed in Bermuda. So for most US stocks, you’d still pay tax.

Trying to find out what other US stocks an investor doesn’t pay witholding tax on…Bermuda or Belgium doesn’t matter. As long as there’s no dwt

Ye it seems I’ll have to purchase more European stocks to avoid this. As I’ll have no tax on foreign income for 2019 so don’t want to be paying it to the IRS off the top. Goal is to find US stocks with no dwt though.

Problem is my commisions at the moment are 8 times more expensive for European and UK stocks than US stocks for both buying and selling

I don’t see why not

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Presume there’s a lot of ETF’s as well. WisdomTree have one anyway I saw the other day. @iLoky some of those in that list are ADR’s in the US. Kerry Group for example (Irish Dairy Company) although the article gives their US ADR. Would definitely invest in more ADR’s if I got confirmation that there’d be no dwt

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