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When will these be open to purchase as they appear to be delisted ATM?

Also, I see the NOK:LSE and NYSE:NOK, which should I buy from?

Why was NOK added to the restricted list ?

NYSE:NOK seems to be the one.

Thatโ€™s a question the world would like answered.

Thoughts on the Q4 revenue results? In general i thought positive. Better than expected results, understanding the changing landscape for 2021, working more in R&D, some positive/intersting contracts for the future. Despite the WSB interest i think its a nice long hold for some good potential.

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Iโ€™ve had a sell request on NOK queued since the 9th, never had to wait to close to that long before, anyone have any ideas why this is stuck?

Just keep it, itโ€™s on its arse for now, hopefully the 5g stuff will cause it to wake up a bit.


Nice time to buy if you wanted in :ok_hand:

Nokia just announced job cuts of up to 10,000


Wow whatโ€™s going on today :flushed:

Out the redโ€‹:+1::+1:

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Moderate buy on Tipranks with 12 month high of $6

I took some profits and will wait till it comes down again.

How high do we think this is going to go? I actually only bought 2 shares for fun back in February, was ready to get rid of it and this is the first day in the green :speak_no_evil:

Iโ€™ve gone from ยฃ20 down to nearly breaking even!

wish i had put more money into this stock, the other tech stocks in my portfolio have been falling so ive been putting more money into them, whereas $NOK has been steadily increasing, and decreasing as a percentage of my portfolio ;d

Finally in the green.

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Thatโ€™s a nice sharp upturn. Is it a random fluctuation or does anyone have some wisdom to impart?


I read something earlier about the upcoming earnings release, the 5G rollout, and the Huawei problems