Non-ISA stocks

Just gone to buy more NIO but in my ISA as opposed to my GIA and it has said unavailable in ISA! Why on earth is that?

It’s government rules because its an ADR so can’t be held in an ISA.


It’s a non US company, is that right Adam? That’s the case for all non US based comapnies then right?

It’s not a blanket ban on ADRs. With ADRs you need to assess the underlying “parent” company. NIO has no “listed” parent. It’s ADRs are supported by unlisted/untraded NIO “Ords”. Therefore, by HMRC rules, the NIO ADR shares are not ISA eligible. It has nothing to do with it being either Chinese, or American, or ADRs. Every stock is different and needs to be judged against hideously over complex HMRC rules that constantly move - creating a minefield for investment platforms to manage. What was ISA eligible yesterday is not necessarily today and vice versa.


I just said finki in the mirror 3 times…weird

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Did it help? Or were you visited by some Spirit of Compliance past? Or collapse on the floor overcome by the complexities we burden new investors with?

I like to think of myself more like Batman than CandyMan, but opinions differ.


So essential planning when stocking up the new ISA, I need to check the Tikr in the ISA first to see IF I can buy it and then when the ‘Price is Right’ I can hit BUY.
Live and learn.

Kind of a shame because I could have bought it in the Gia but I lost the price as it shot up $3 pretty quick

Ticker… don’t check tickr… you’ll buy a bog standard ETF wrapped in heavily marketed ESG messages and charge for the privilege of something you could buy elsewhere for £0…

Bad joke!



Yes, check ISA status before trying to purchase. It’s good advice. It avoids latter disappointment. If you think the ISA eligibility status is wrong (because there are a few!) …reach out on the forum…there’s enough of us nerds around to advise/guide.


Hi, if you want to check stocks on whether they can be bought in a isa, gia or both then there’s a link on the main website under stock list, type any company or etf and it will tell you

FYI if you have a SIPP account, you can invest in the non-ISA stocks.

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Really!? I didn’t know that either. Still waiting for FT to open their Sipps. Chucking some NIO in there would be fine for me.

Yeah had it confirmed. Also got the SIPP option appear in-app today!

But some funds are not available in SIPP even though they are in GIA and ISA - I have no idea why this is the case!

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