Northern Genesis Acquisition Corp. (NGA) Share Chat

Hi guys,

Hearing a lot of buzz about Lion Electric Vehicles who have recently applied to the SEC in the states ahead of IPO under the expected ticker LEV.

It’s under a SPAC at the moment (Northern Genesis Acquisition Corp. (NYSE: NGA).

Could we get these please ASAP?

This is something I’d also like to get in my little portfolio, voted!

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Need in my portfolio for the long term. Please and thank you

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Good opportunity on this one if it gets added soon!

Yes absolutely! Everyday that passes the price is going up as more people clock on. I might have to swallow the charges and go with a different broker before it gets ridiculous. :pensive:

need this ASAP, how can freetrade be so slow with all these important SPAC’s

Pls add! $NGA Northern Genesis Acquisition Corp :fire::fire::fire: