Northern Genesis Acquisition Corp. (NGA) Share Chat

Hi guys,

Hearing a lot of buzz about Lion Electric Vehicles who have recently applied to the SEC in the states ahead of IPO under the expected ticker LEV.

It’s under a SPAC at the moment (Northern Genesis Acquisition Corp. (NYSE: NGA).

Could we get these please ASAP?

This is something I’d also like to get in my little portfolio, voted!

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Need in my portfolio for the long term. Please and thank you

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Good opportunity on this one if it gets added soon!

Yes absolutely! Everyday that passes the price is going up as more people clock on. I might have to swallow the charges and go with a different broker before it gets ridiculous. :pensive:

need this ASAP, how can freetrade be so slow with all these important SPAC’s

Pls add! $NGA Northern Genesis Acquisition Corp :fire::fire::fire:

Hopefully you didn’t buy mid-Jan! Let’s see what happens this week…

They should bounce back quickly as they have shut backlog of orders from Amazon and various schools in the US and some have already been delivered unlike other companies which will start manufacturing only in 2022+.

This is an interesting one as they have taken a proper beating over the last few weeks due to an influx of EV SPACs.

A steal if anyone managed to pick some up last week as this has some serious upside as it’s bagged some new orders from the second largest school district in US for delivery this spring.

This is besides the Amazon orders of which 5 vehicles (I believe) has been delivered already (will add source) .