Not a great start - money already missing

Signed up today on a recommendation. Sign up went ok. Deposited a small test amount via my linked bank account, which automatically processed through my mobile banking app.

All ok.

Followed up, via the exact same process, by a much larger sum - and the money is nowhere to be seen. Waited the obligatory 4 hours and nothing. Bank says payment has gone and is the exact same type.

Getting through to support - even with a Plus account - is proving challenging. As this is the last day of tax year - and the destination is my ISA - I look set to lose out.

Very worrying and not a great experience at all.

EDIT: This got sorted - problem was with my bank and not freetrade


Let me see if I can escalate this to get you some assistance.


It has now been sorted - all good

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Great. Glad it’s all sorted!