Notification for a change in a companies stock price

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I wondered if anyone knew if there was an app/website that sends you notifications of when a companies share price hit a certain value? For example, if you wanted to buy Coca cola stocks at $40 a share however they were trading at $46, is there an app that notifies you when the share price falls and hits $40? Maybe an idea for the free trade app as well?


Yahoo lets you set price alerts

the app works well for me.

Thanks for the replies.

@Raul are you able to tell me how to set the price alerts up?

Setting % movement alerts :sparkles:

“Legal & General -4% this morning”

“JPMorgan EM Trust -2% this morning”

“FTSE 100 -3% this morning”

“S&P 500 +4% this afternoon”


If you have Revolut they allow you to set up price alerts which send a handy notification to your phone! (Same as Yahoo as has been noted).

I would like to see this feature on FT because Revolut had it from early on. Is this something that is on the road map (I could not see it last time I checked)? Stake don’t currently have it either though…

Download the Yahoo Finance app, add a company to your watchlist and then you can set a price alert top right by clicking the bell! :slight_smile:

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Another example of what should be pretty standard functionality that I have to use competitors for.

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I would assume they would incorporate this feature with the different order types they’re currently building. I’m definitely looking forward to how it all come together when plus+ is introduced.

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