Notification for milestone

Today I hit a personal milestone, when my TWRR exceeded the market TWRR.

Thought it would be quite neat to receive a notification for an event / achievement like this.

Just an idea…

Congrats on the achievement! :partying_face:

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Very cool idea @toms!

Over to you, @jani :wink:


Love this idea.

Cool idea yes!
but nobody else thinks this has the potential to create multiple notifications just for the sake of it?! My TWRR has crossed in and out of conversion twice on the last month alone…

Perhaps it would be better if the notification was a one off ie

“Today your TWRR exceeds the market for the first time”

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Yes agree that would definitely need to be considered. Meaning the notification couldn’t occur more than once within a 3 month period or something similar.

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