Notifications - Push ( Mobile App ) + E-Mail

Push & E-Mail notifications

Edit I’ll try to collate any comments mentioning specific notification types here

Nice idea, which things in particular would you like to receive notifications for?

Account funds withdrawn/added, Basic Trades, and Intercom responses.


Intercom responses are being emailed already if you are not in the app. But push notifications once basic trades are complete would be handy :slight_smile:


Not 100% sure but I think the general announcement notifications are not emailed.

Seeing new stock request as notifications would be cool as well.

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A notification if a trade has failed and/or is about to fail if the price has increased since you placed the order too


Push notifications are top of my want list.


Notification when a dividend is received.


How does that process normally work?

Being able to set price alerts for stocks would be great. e.g. if price drops below £x send me an alert. Similar to limit orders but a notification instead.


Idea from Intercom -

Users should receive a notification once onboarding is complete, if their ID checks aren’t completed straight away.


That would be great. At this stage I don’t think you can’t overdo the notifications as long as they are iOS ones, not texts or emails - notifications for key stages in the on boarding process, then all transactions (including dividends, would be lovely to get a dividend notification). As long as you can turn them off (ideally with some granularity), I don’t think anyone would object to them.

I do hate all those emails from HL about every trade though, so am assuming this is ios notifications only, not texts or emails. I also didn’t like the intercom chats leaking out to email and would like to be able to turn that off - as email is an insecure channel you should not really be sending financial details of any kind over email, which makes email notifications pretty useless. I’d hope that in-house you are not sending intercom stuff to email.

Notification once top up payment added to account. Saves having to constantly check app.



Looks like it’s ready… :calling:


This is our first step towards adding notifications to the app. For now, we’re just sending them from our live chat tool, which is called Intercom. But we’ll use them for more than just letting you know that we’ve replied to a support chat e.g. to let you know when you’ve received a dividend too.

Later in the year we’ll add notifications that’ll be triggered when specific events happen elsewhere in the app as well :bell:


On the subject of Dividends…

At the end of November I got a Dividend from STHS and the notification from Freetrade told me exactly how much it was for. I think it was about £7.88 in total. At the end of December the notification said I had received £0.05 and I thought there must’ve been an error. When I spoke to LiveChat I was told to multiply that one dividend with the number of shares I had to get the amount I was paid which was roughly £10.

I would rather the notification told me how much I was paid in total, than how much I was paid per share. Also, a record of how much was paid out and by whom in the Activity Tab would be very useuful.


Ettore shared some Dividends Activity Feed screenshots in December showing how Dividends will look in the Activity tab.


It would be great if we could set up notifications for when a stock goes above or below a certain price


Yes it would! You can vote for that request here -